Micro Architectures

2011/09/05 § Leave a comment

I’m quite interested in the interplay between product and architecture or how architecture as a custom one-off can be scaled down to create something that is at once a physical enclosure of space, and also a machine:  Think automotive design as architecture, or architecture as a big piece of furniture, or architecture that can move, or architecture that can be bought as a produced object.  These share a common thread in transferring technologies from one discipline to another in imaginative ways.

It obviously started out with the use of shipping container and industrial flotsam, most notably by the likes of LOTEK. But the evolution of the small-scale built product of architecture has evolved in a sophisticated manner though the work of Richard Horden and Didier Faustino.  These are deliberate acknowledgements of building architectural product, rather than an issue of recycle-ability.  The themes these guys choose to study are important in bridging the gap between product design and architecture.

Horden’s micro-architectures bring the physical capture of space into the automotive or vehicular realm, with ideas such as aerodynamics and lightness, straight out of a transport design textbook.

Similarly in scale, but very differently in concept,  Faustino’s plays on scale and the human relationship to space enclosure become what he calls mesarchitecture.  These objects and environments are small-scale, but challenge us spatially, questioning what the body can do when it’s spatial awareness is enhanced or modified (through his objects.)   He has taken the idea of architecture and distorted its boundaries to challenge our notions of the human body and its possible adaptations to environments and conditions.


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