Wall House

2010/01/21 § Leave a comment

We don’t normally get to build in the context of ruins in the US, but it’s a type of building that is at once resource efficient and culturally significant.  Using existing walls to build on top of, beside, or next to, is a challenging process.  But at the same time a proper connection and reinforcement can lead to a rich timeline of design, from the old to the newer to a proper contemporary solution, all-the-while demonstrating the chronological technologies of the interventions.

Landscape also comes into play, because inevitably the older structures are always moving towards an entropy, grasses growing, trees seeding, etc.  This growth further adds to a rich materiality where man-made and nature play nice.

Some lesser known projects to think about..

Alison Smithson and Peter Smithson – Upper Lawn in Hatch Lane, UK

Source – Danda

Fernando Goncalves – Youth House Oliveira do Douro in Alameda de Santa Eulalia, Portugal

Source – Danda

A well known project to think about..

Herzog and De Meuron – CaixaForum in Madrid.

Source – Dezeen

And obviously, Mr. Woods always has something to say about the idea, an idea he’s been studying for a long time.


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