Living Bridges

2009/07/04 § 2 Comments

People have always sought connection. I can just imagine the first rope bridges of some Native American tribes, dangerously erected in order to cross a crevace. Rivers, canyons, and other depressions invariably lead us to invent primitive bridges, which gave us the precedent for the more modern, advanced bridges we have today. What is interesting to me is not the advanced technologies and the ever-so-long spans being dreamed up, but how simple span bridges have been utilized to do something else past and present. The technology transfer is interesting.

Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect via Arch Daily


§ 2 Responses to Living Bridges

  • Kristen Sara says:

    These are incredible… what amazing photos.

  • Bonbon Oiseau says:

    intersting…I just heard last night that the big cement casings that hold up the brooklyn bridge were made at the end of noble street. how's that for connection? c'est cool?

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